Find a Trained Holistic Veterinarian: Avoiding Quack Pet Doctors

Holistic veterinarians are specialists that use alternative medicine to cure various pet conditions. However, there are many people who claim they are holistic vets and have no formal training and these individuals may not be fully prepared to help your pet. It is important to choose a trained veterinarian for the safety of your pet.

Holistic Veterinarians and Training

The holistic veterinarians are specialists that use alternative practices such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and other practices to heal the illness of your pet. These practices will not have side effects.

There are holistic veterinarians that have a formal veterinarian training and are specialized in holistic and alternative medicine. This will ensure that the vet is familiar with the basics of veterinary medicine but has chosen to practice holistic veterinary medicine. This means that he will be able to diagnose your pet properly and spot any problems before, during and after the treatment.

There are also other individuals that claim to be holistic vets, having only attended a brief training in holistic or alternative medicine. These types of individuals are not entirely familiar with the complex vet medicine and may only apply treatments according to a set of rules they have been trained in.

To be safe, it’s best to choose a specialist that has training in veterinary medicine and has specialized in holistic methods. Choosing a person that claims to be a holistic vet, but has no knowledge of veterinary traditional medicine may not be recommended.
Where to Look

Finding a vet that practices holistic medicine may be a difficult task, but you should look in various directories in your area as well as online.

You may also ask people you know if they can recommend you a vet that can help your pet.

Find several specialists, make a list and call them or visit them to ask them a few questions.

Questions to Ask

There are a few questions to ask to be able to establish if the specialist you are talking to is indeed a trained holistic veterinarian. Ask a few questions including the following subjects:

    * The training of the specialist, if there is any formal training and the holistic medicine training sessions attended. Ask for certification as well
    * Whether the vet is a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA)
    * The types of practices used and whether he has training and certification in these practices
    * The results obtained in former patients
    * If there are any previously treated pet owners that you can talk to

It is highly important to choose a vet that has training in holistic medicine that can deliver results. If you can talk to pet owners that have been patients and they give you a positive feedback, this is an indicator that the vet has experience and may be able to help your pet as well.