The Benefits of Flax Seed Oil for Dogs

Flax seed oil for dogs promotes a soft, glossy coat and healthy skin. If you plan to give your dog flax, look for a raw, unprocessed oil or ground seed product. The whole seed will not provide the dog health benefits provided by ground.

A dog flax seed supplement will provide Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for skin and coat health. In addition, alpha-linoleic acid-a component of flax seed-offers immune system benefits and anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Add Flax To Your Dog's Diet

  • Flax seed oil can be poured right over your dog's daily ration.
  • Ground flax seed can be sprinkled over food or incorporated into homemade treats.
  • For small dogs (under twenty pounds) add one to two tablespoons per day. For larger dogs, use two to three tablespoons daily.

Many commercial dog foods do not provide the "good fats" necessary for healthy skin and coat. Dog supplements such as flax seed oil can provide a much-needed boost to your dog's daily nutritional needs, especially when combined with a probiotic digestive supplement.