Basic Flea Collar Safety

Select a flea collar that will fit your pet correctly and that is made out of safe substances. Some collars should not be used on young puppies or kittens due to their strong chemicals. Review these additional safety tips to know what's right for your pet.

Fit the Flea Collar

  • Clip the collar close to its buckle so your pet won't be able to chew on it. When a collar is too long, it may also get caught onto something.
  • You can choose a flea collar with a breakaway mechanism. This allows your pet to get free if her collar hooks onto something.

Use Safe Collars to Eliminate Dog and Cat Fleas

  • Collars made of natural Pyrethrins are safer than those with chemical-based treatments. Pyrethrins are natural extracts derived from chrysanthemum plants.
  • Do not use products made of carbomates. These may cause vomiting or more serious health problems for pets.
  • A flea collar made with a natural citrus extract containing d-Limonene or linalool is also a safe option.
  • There are collars that can be used in conjunction with other control products like Advantage and Program.
  • Choose a product that can kill fleas for up to six months. Avoid collars made of strong chemicals. When pets play with each other, they can ingest the ingredients on the collars or actually bite into them.