Food Poisoning Symptoms in Dogs

Because many dogs tend to eat foods and non-food items that can cause damage to their digestive tracts, it's important for you as a pet owner to recognize common food poisoning symptoms. Dogs are sensitive to many types of foods that will bring about no negative reaction in humans, and some human foods can even be entirely poisonous to dogs. Additionally, if your pet eats other non-food items, such as certain plants he finds outside, he may run into difficulty with food poisoning. Read on for a brief guide to some of the most common symptoms associated with food poisoning in dogs.


A dog's natural reaction to a food item that doesn't agree with him is to attempt to vomit it up. This immediately purges the item from his system so that it cannot inflict any further damage on him. Because many dogs vomit regularly, this is not necessarily a sign that your pet is suffering from food poisoning. However, if you notice your pet vomiting or heaving as if he would vomit, this is not something that you should take lightly.


Diarrhea is another common result of food poisoning in dogs. Diarrhea episodes in cases of food poisoning tend to repeat themselves and come about frequently for the duration of the episode. Take note if your dog has multiple episodes of diarrhea within a short period of time, as it may indicate that he ate something that he shouldn't have.

Stomach Discomfort

Although your pet will not be able to express his discomfort to you in the same way that a human would, he can nonetheless show signs that he is in pain. Many dogs will howl or bark seemingly at nothing when they are suffering from food poisoning or other pain that you can't necessarily see signs of. Other dogs will whimper or seek attention from you in ways that they might not do typically.

Difficulty Moving

Dogs with food poisoning may have a hard time moving around without experiencing pain. It's common for dogs suffering from this condition to spend ample time lying down and to avoid getting up, even when called over specifically or when it's time for food. If you see your pet acting in this way, it may be that he's suffering from a bout of food poisoning.

Loss of Consciousness

If your pet is poisoned by something that he ate and it's causing him serious health problems, he may eventually lose consciousness. This is a very serious symptom, and it's crucial that you alert a veterinarian as soon as possible in order to protect your pet's health.

All of these symptoms should be reported to a vet if you suspect that something may be wrong with your pet's health. Acting quickly when your dog is suffering from food poisoning can ensure that he survives safely and that he recovers quickly from his ailment as well. Consult with a vet for additional information about food poisoning in dogs.