Foods to Avoid When Managing Dog Diabetes

Careful attention to diet promotes healthy insulin levels in dog diabetes. Following a strict veterinary diet is the best way to prevent unhealthy blood sugar levels that can lead to additional problems and diabetic comas.

Switching to a Diet Approved for Dog Diabetes

Dogs with diabetes must eat high fiber, high protein foods. If the dog is overweight, watch the fat content in foods. There are quality veterinary diet canine formula options available. Ask your veterinarian for information on prescription diet formulas such as Hills Prescription W/D, Purina DCO or Royal Canin IVD formula Diabetic. These foods increase soluble fiber content and restrict fat and calories.

The following foods should be avoided. When possible, stick to a veterinary approved canine formula for dogs with diabetes.

Baked Foods

Many baked dog treats add sugar or ingredients that are high in sugar. Purina Busy Bones list sugar and white rice in the first ten ingredients. Greenies dog treats include honey, apple, corn grits and corn gluten.

Canned Foods

Many canned foods add ingredients that are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Some simply add a touch of sugar or corn syrup because they appeal to dogs. Others use ingredients that turn to glucose in the bloodstream.

Popular brands like Hills Science Diet add corn to their foods. Corn is high in sugar and is often an allergen that affects dogs. Pedigree canned foods add large amounts of wheat gluten. A study performed by the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland believes there is a link between diabetes and wheat gluten intake.

There are quality canned foods suitable for dog diabetes. You must get used to reading labels. Avoid carbohydrates that provide little nutrition and quickly convert to glucose in the blood stream. Items like corn gluten, cornmeal, wheat gluten and white rice are best avoided.

Dried Dog Foods

Quality dried dog foods are okay for dog diabetes. However, the brands you find in grocery stores should be avoided. Many pet food companies save money by blending protein sources with carbohydrates that offer little nutritional benefits. Skyrocketing numbers of dogs diagnosed with diabetes are believed to be linked to the poor nutritional content in many food brands.

You need a dry food that has pure protein options, look for beef, chicken, fish or lamb, no by-products. A quality dog food should have a blend of vegetables. Sweet potatoes are iffy because they contain a lot of sugar. Avoid any food containing wheat gluten, wheat flour, cornmeal, corn gluten or white rice.

Holistic foods are often good choices, but it's still important to read ingredients.

Limit Fat Content

Dogs need protein, but in cases of dog diabetes, the pancreas must be pampered. Extremely fatty foods like chicken skin, ground beef and fatty pork should be avoided. Foods listing chicken by-products or meat by-products usually contain a lot of fatty organ meat or skin, they are foods to avoid.