Generic Heartworm Pills for Dogs

Save money purchasing generic heartworm pills for dogs. Generic medications are just as safe as their brand name counterparts. The main difference is that generic drugs use plain packaging to cut costs. Every company offering generic drugs must complain trials of their medications and clinical studies before they gain FDA approval.

Warnings About Generic Heartworm Pills

Some generic heartworm pills for dogs do not require a prescription. This makes it easy to get the medication when you need it rather than having to wait for a veterinary check-up. This ease of purchase is not always beneficial to your dog's health.

Never give your dog heartworm medication until the dog has been tested for heartworm. Use of heartworm medications in animals who test positive can lead to seizure-like reactions. Yearly testing is advised.

Iverheart Max and Iverhart Plus

Iverhart offers two generic medications for dogs that include ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate in the active ingredients. The chewable medication is about half the price of Heartgard Plus, so you'll save a lot of money switching to this generic heartworm medication.

Iverhart Plus comes in pork liver flavor tabs making the medicine a perfect choice for dogs that simply do not like beef. The medication protects against heartworms, as well as hookworms and roundworms. Iverhart Plus offers four different dosages so it's easy to find the right dose for your dog. It's safe for dogs over six pounds and puppies older than seven weeks. The medication hasn't been tested in pregnant dogs, so avoid use if your dog is pregnant or nursing.

Iverheart Max adds praziquantel to the chewable medication to help control tapeworm infestations. Your dog is well protected against the most common parasitic worms simply by taking one of these monthly chewables. Do not use in puppies younger than eight weeks or pregnant or nursing dogs.

NuHeart Heartworm Control

NuHeart is a generic heartworm medication similar to Heartgard. These heartworm pills for dogs are not chewables, so you must be sure you can get your dog to swallow a pill before choosing this generic medication.

NuHeart's generic medication is extremely inexpensive, often costing around $20 for a six-month supply. The active ingredient, ivermectin, is the same medication you find in Heartgard. Use of NuHeart in Collies is not advised due to a higher risk of allergic reaction to the ivermectin.

Tri-Heart Plus Heartworm Pills for Dogs

Tri-Heart Plus is a generic brand comparable to Heartgard Plus. The chewable, beef-flavored pills are safe for puppies over six weeks old as well as pregnant or nursing females. Tri-Heart Plus contains ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, both impair the parasitic worms' nervous system function leading to death.

You'll find Tri-Heart Plus available online and some veterinarians carry it in their practices. Expect to save about 25 percent when compared to prices for Heartgard Plus.

ValuHeart Heartworm Pills for Dogs

Some online pet pharmacies carry ValuHeart heartworm medication. This generic form of ivermectin is safe for puppies seven weeks or older. Do not use the medication until your pet has been tested for heartworm. You can save about 40 percent over the cost of medications like Heartgard.