Using a Gentle Leader for Dogs

By using the Gentle Leader for dogs, you stop worrying about your dog choking himself during walks. Choke collars dig into the throat causing dogs to gag. This often panics dogs and they'll pull harder to get away from the choking sensation worsening the problem. A Gentle Leader harness, also called a Promise collar, puts pressure on the scruff of a dog's neck and around the nose allowing for natural dog training that works effectively.

Think about a mother dog's actions with her puppy. When the puppy gets into trouble, she'll pick him up by the back of the neck and return him to safety. Puppies instinctively know that a grip on the scruff of the neck means they've done wrong. The Gentle Leader harness uses that instinct to help pet owners train and control their dog.

Putting Gentle Leader for Dogs on Your Pet

The Gentle Leader for dogs doesn't slip off. The collar wraps around the dog's neck and also around the dog's muzzle. When first using a Gentle Leader harness, have treats on hand. Dogs will balk at the sensation of having the harness around their muzzle, but treats help them overcome this problem. Once they associate the harness with a treat, they'll happily sit while you put the collar unit on.

Start by attaching your leash to the Gentle Leader harness. With the leash in place, open the collar so that you have the nose loop in one hand and the neck loop in the other. With the nose loop, slip it over the dog's muzzle. You want it to be loose enough for the dog to be able to drink and eat, but not so loose that it will slip off the muzzle. Move the slide clamp into place and then wrap the neck loop around the back of the dog's neck and snap it shut. The neck loop should be a few inches below the ears and from the side the collar resembles the letter "v."

Check the nose loop. You should be able to move it to the top of the nose but no farther. If anything is too loose, readjust the snap clamps to tighten the collar. Give your dog a reward and you can now go for a walk.

How the Gentle Leader for Dogs Works

While walking, if a dog turns his head to the side, the Gentle Leader for dogs will apply pressure to the neck and muzzle. The dog will turn his head straight again to relieve that pressure. That's why the Gentle Leader harness works so effectively.

Give It Ten Minutes

Most dogs require 10 or 15 minutes to adjust to their new Promise collar. Having pressure on the back of their neck and muzzle is unfamiliar to them during walks and time outdoors. When the dog is behaving properly, give a reward and make sure there is no tension on your leash. If the dog starts misbehaving, apply pressure to the leash and issue a corrective dog training word like "no" or "heel."