How to Give Your Cat a Shot

Administrating a cat shot might be a difficult task when you are dealing with an uncooperative cat. You must also pay attention in order to keep your cat safe and avoid injuries.

Prepare the Shot

Before you inject your cat, make sure everything is ready. Get the needle and the medicine. In case you need to administrate two types of medicine, mix the two into one syringe. Have some towels available and the treat for after the shot. Ideally, you should have a second person to assist you and hold the cat down if needed.

Give Your Cat the Shot

  • Try to calm your cat down and put him on a comfortable towel. Hold your cat still. If this is an impossible task, get some help; two people should be able to hold down a cat.
  • Identify the shoulder blades of your cat and find a place under those.
  • Gently pinch the skin and insert the needle on the surface of the skin. Try to avoid the muscles. Before injecting the contents, try to observe if there is blood in the syringe. If you see blood, this means you have entered a blood vessel, so try a different spot.
  • After you give the shot, give your cat a treat, so that he doesn't consider the shot a punishment.