Giving a Cat Liquid Medicine

If your cat is finicky about taking her medication with her food, then you will have to give your cat liquid medication by following these simple tips.

Do Some Prep Work

  • Ask your vet to supply you with a few long syringes without their needles. You can use the medicine's dropper, but a long syringe works best.
  • Lubricate the syringe with butter so it will slide into your cat's mouth better. If you do this, use a disposable syringe.
  • Give your cat a practice dosage with a syringe filled with water.
  • Have a few cat treats on hand to reward your pet for good behavior.

Hold Your Cat Correctly

  • Approach a cat from behind when attempting to confine her.
  • Wrap her in a towel or blanket and cradle her like a baby.
  • Use a bit of tough love-gently hold her in place, but make sure she won't be able to slide backward.
  • Prevent your cat's head from moving by support her neck area.
  • Do not hold your cat's head too high so that the medicine travels into her windpipe.

Release the Liquid into your Cat's Mouth

  • Draw the appropriate dose or have someone else do this while you are holding your cat.
  • Place the top of the syringe fairly deep inside your cat's mouth, but not too far down her throat.
  • Try and release the medicine inside the cheek pouch.
  • Release the medication little by little to give your cat time to swallow it.
  • At this point, most cats will swallow naturally. In some cases, you may have to hold the cat's mouth closed and rub her throat.