Giving Dogs Antibiotics and Probiotics

Giving dogs antibiotics may be required to fight infections after surgery or injury. Antibiotics also have a tendency to kill off "good" bacteria in addition to the bad. To ensure your dog maintains a healthy intestinal system, it may be wise to add probiotics to her diet. Probiotics are a favorable bacteria that aids in good digestion, helps reduce the growth of bad bacteria and improves the immune system.

How to Administer Probiotics

Start your dog off with probiotic supplements. These are available in either powder or tablet form. Give to your dog at least one hour after administering antibiotics for the best results.

  1. Additional natural probiotic foods such as yogurt can also be fed to your dog.
  2. Mix one to two tablespoons of plain yogurt with your dog's dry food and serve with the morning feeding.
  3. Make sure the yogurt is completely consumed at one feeding so it does not spoil.
  4. A small amount of cheese can also be fed to your dog to promote probiotic growth.