Glucosamine Cat Treats

Arthritis is a disease of the joints and may occur in cats after the age of five. Glucosamine cat treats may be prescribed to felines with arthritis. These treats can be administered in conjunction with other arthritis treatments, or may be used on their own. The effect of the glucosamine treats is to relive pain and reduce the swelling of the joints, which is typical for cats with arthritis.

Glucosamine in Cats

Glucosamine is a medication that doesn't require prescription and may be used in felines with arthritis or joint problems. Glucosamine naturally exists in the cat's body, being a component of the joints, cartilages and connective tissues. If the cat is affected by arthritis, the glucosamine layers will be damaged and the body will not be able to produce additional glucosamine to protect the joints and the cartilage. To prevent joint pain, glucosamine may be supplemented in cats. The medication belongs to the non-steroidal class of drugs.

Effects of Glucosamine Supplementation

In felines, the supplementation of glucosamine will result in:

  • Less joint pain
  • Reduced joint swelling

In addition to arthritis, glucosamine may also be used in cats with conditions such as:

  • Cartilage damage
  • Muscle problems or muscle damage
  • Tendonitis

Glucosamine may be administered for the prevention of arthritis in cats that are prone to developing this condition earlier than other felines.

Glucosamine Treats

Glucosamine is a drug that may be purchased in the form of tablets, pills or liquid form. Lately, cats also have the option of getting glucosamine treats, which can be used to complete the pet's treatment or may be used as singular treatment. Treats may be a great way to make the cat eat the medication. There are also cats that cannot properly assimilate the tablets or the pills, so the treats are the only option available.

The glucosamine can be mixed with different tasty ingredients such as fish or beef to make an appealing treat for the cat. Glucosamine is often combined with creatine, an ingredient that will bring extra bone and joint support. The glucosamine treats are ideal for preventing the early onset of arthritis and may be recommended to all cats after the age of five. Talk to your vet before getting these treats.

Treats for Your Pet

Not all glucosamine cat treats are the same and you will have to choose ones that are good for your pet. The amount of glucosamine may vary in the treats that are available in pet stores. Talk to your vet about the right amount of glucosamine for your cat. Ask about the number of treats that you can give your pet per day. Get treats that are low in calorie content.

The consistency of the treats may vary: there are rough treats and softer treats. Choose a type of treat that is suited for your pet's size and teeth condition. Don't risk buying unsuitable treats that can cause a jaw fracture.