Glucosamine Dog Treats

Glucosamine dog treats are an excellent way to provide your pet with glucosamine and other helpful vitamins and minerals. Glucosamine given in pill or liquid form may be more difficult to administer. When glucosamine is included as just one of the beneficial ingredients in a tasty dog treat, you'll find it easier to prevent or treat joint pain due to arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

How Glucosamine Can Help

Glucosamine dog treats contain a substance that has been shown to increase the production of proteins that help to repair worn and painful cartilage. Glucosamine is already present in the body, but decreases in production as a dog begins to age. Studies indicate that supplementing with this natural ingredient increases joint health for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia. It provides anti-inflammatory benefits and can even help to regenerate cartilage, therefore decreasing pain and preventing further damage.

Glucosamine Dog Treats

There are many different brands of glucosamine dog treats on the market. Of these, there are different flavors and ingredients included in each. You may want to experiment to see if your dog prefers a peanut-butter flavored treat over something like beef or chicken flavors. You may also find that certain brands of glucosamine dog treats include additional vitamins and minerals that may be of benefit. Chondroitin is one such ingredient that has also been shown to assist dogs with relief of pain and other symptoms caused by aging joints.

Concerns and Considerations

Any treatment options involving natural remedies usually come along with some controversy. While natural remedies have been used for thousands of years, the traditional medical industry has only just begun to study the lasting or permanent effects that vitamins, minerals and supplements have on the body. When choosing glucosamine dog treats to benefit the well-being of your dog, you'll want to carefully read the ingredient labels. Avoid any dog treats that contain wheat, corn or soy, and remember that artificial flavors, colors and preservatives can be damaging to the overall health of your dog.

Side Effects of Glucosamine

Glucosamine dog treats are not likely to produce any side effects, as long as you choose a brand that contains all-natural ingredients. Rarely, glucosamine may cause internal gas or soft stools during the initial period of use, but this should clear up fairly quickly. You may also notice similar side effects if a dog accidentally ingests more than the recommended dosage (i.e., if an entire bag is eaten). If your dog is prone to allergies, especially to food ingredients, all-natural glucosamine treats should give you a healthy advantage. If allergy symptoms do occur, discontinue use of the product immediately.

Where to Find Glucosamine Dog Treats

Glucosamine dog treats are readily available for purchase at a number of locations. If you prefer online shopping, there are several natural pet food and supplement websites that carry this particular product. You can also visit your local pet store or natural foods market to find similar brands.