Glucosamine Joint Pain Relief for Dogs

Glucosamine joint supplements are known to promote health in dogs suffering from arthritis or joint diseases. Arthritic pets suffer from severe joint pain, swelling and immobility. Some pets are unable to walk, climb stairs and or even engage in any outdoor activities. Since arthritis or joint disorders prevent your pet from leading a normal life, you need to work with the vet to establish a proper treatment plan to help your dog.

How Does Glucosamine Work?

Glucosamine is a natural compound that's present in the cartilage of dogs. Most supplements that contain glucosamine consist of naturally derived sources of this compound. Once these supplements are administered to the dog for a few weeks, they hydrate damaged joints and also help manufacture glycosaminoglycans. These strengthen the cartilage and protect the synovial fluid that's necessary for proper lubrication of the joints.

Benefits of Glucosamine Supplements

Apart from helping pets suffering from arthritis, glucosamine supplements repair torn ligaments, damaged tendons and cartilage. Glucosamine also reduces the body's inflammatory response and helps pets suffering from inflamed discs and joints. If you feel that your pet would benefit from glucosamine supplements, conduct a vet check and discuss these benefits with the vet before administering any over the counter products.

Glucosamine Products Include:

  • Super Joint Enhancer
  • Glyco Flex 2 for dogs
  • Arthramine 
  • Super Joint Omega

Dosage and Administration

Most of these products contain glucosamine HCL along with omega 3 fatty acids. Since each manufacturer lists different dosage instructions, you must read the product label and administer the supplement according to any given instructions. You could also discuss the dosage with your vet if you're in doubt.

When purchasing supplements, look for products that are flavored, as they're highly palatable. Although the side effects are rare, make sure you don't overdose your dog as it could cause diarrhea. If your dog benefits from glucosamine supplementation, you will have to administer these supplements for life. This is because the symptoms of arthritis recur once the supplementation is discontinued.

Tips for Pet Owners

Before administering glucosamine supplements to your dog, it's always beneficial to conduct a vet check and find out if the real cause of pain and discomfort is associated with joint disease. Apart from supplementing the pet's diet you should also take your dog out for short walks to reduce his immobility.

Since your dog experiences severe pain and discomfort due to arthritis, avoid overexerting the pet. Instead, take him swimming on a daily basis to give him some form of exercise. The pet's diet should also be carefully examined. Don't give your pet food that's high in fats or carbohydrates. Such diets are known to cause obesity, which in turn exerts excess pressure on the dog's joints.

A few breeds are more likely to develop arthritis, hip dysplasia and joint deterioration. To prevent the development of such conditions in your pet, you must feed your dog nutritious meals that are free from additives, colors, preservatives and artificial flavors.