Gluten Free Dog Food

Gluten free dog food provides a safe diet to dogs sensitive to grains. Many dogs develop allergies to wheat gluten, but in some dogs, the allergies cause numerable health problems. It's important to remove all gluten from these dogs' diets to improve their health and ensure a long life.

Below you'll find a sampling of gluten-free dog food brands. Always read labels to check for wheat and corn gluten. Look for foods where a high-quality protein is in the first couple of ingredients and avoid foods containing any wheat, corn or soy product

Gluten Allergies in Dogs

In 2007, thousands of pets became ill or died after ingesting tainted wheat gluten. Many pet owners started paying closer attention to ingredients in the foods their pet ate. Surprisingly, it came to light that most commercial foods use wheat or corn gluten in equal or larger ratios to the meat source.

Many experts also started realizing that gluten may be linked to increases in diabetes in dogs and cats. In addition, experts believe that high carb diets may be to blame for the increase in chronic and degenerative illnesses. Studies find that dogs fed table scraps live longer than dogs fed a diet of high-carb commercial dog foods.

Studies prove that specific dogs can develop Celiac's Disease, a serious illness caused by gluten intolerance. With Celiac's Disease, the body mistakenly identifies the gluten starches as an invader and attacks them. The result is damage to the intestines and digestive tract. Irish Setters remain the only breed diagnosed with true Celiac's Disease. Symptoms include anemia, diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss from malnutrition.

Additional research finds that pet owners who switch their dog to a gluten-free dog food find their dogs become more active, allergies stop arthritis pain decreases and intestinal complaints, such as irritable bowel syndrome, cease.

California Natural Gluten Free Dog Food

California Natural dog foods contain brown rice or sweet potatoes along with the protein source of chicken, herring, lamb or salmon. Rosemary, taurine and a selection of necessary vitamins and nutrients are key ingredients.

The California Natural foods include canned and dried offerings. If your dog doesn't generally enjoy seafood, the lamb and rice formula uses sunflower oil rather than fish oil.

EVO Gluten Free Dog Food

Numerous gluten free dog foods are available today. Purchase these foods online or in pet food stores. Some foods swap the gluten for sweet potatoes or brown rice. These foods are usually well tolerated by dogs with a gluten intolerance.

EVO gluten free dog foods include no grains and high levels of quality protein. EVO offers a number of flavors including:

  • Herring and Salmon

  • Red Meat

  • Turkey and Chicken

Ingredients found within the EVO gluten free dog foods include the meat source, potatoes, herring meal, chicken fat, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, microbials and ascorbic acid.

Natural Balance Dog Formulas

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance dog foods offer the Limited Ingredient Diet line of gluten free dog foods. These dog foods come in six varieties:

  • Lamb Meal and Brown Rice

  • Potato and Duck

  • Sweet Potato and Bison

  • Sweet Potato and Chicken (Canned only)

  • Sweet Potato and Fish

  • Sweet Potato and Venison

Ingredients in the Limited Ingredient foods include a quality protein source, potatoes/rice/sweet potatoes, salmon oil and vitamins and minerals.