Goodwinol Ointment for Dogs

Goodwinol ointment is a treatment used for dogs impacted by demodectic mange, a skin disorder caused by mites. The ointment is made from the root of the derris plant, which contains rotenone - an insecticide that kills a variety of insects, including the demodectic mite. Once a dog has been affected by demodectic mange, it is more susceptible to the infestation.

Use of Goodwinol Ointment

Goodwinol ointment is used to treat localized outbreaks of demodectic mange. Although dogs typically live with mites from the time they're puppies, stress or the suppression of the immune system can cause the balance to be disrupted and the mites to cause skin problems, sometimes severe. Other medications, either oral or injection, are used for widespread demodectic mange.

To treat the patches of mange, apply the ointment once every 24 hours. Once the ointment is applied, it's critical to massage the skin until the ointment has been fully absorbed. Treating with Goodwinol ointment will take a month or more to totally clear the affected areas.

Precautions and Side Effects

When using Goodwinol ointment, it's important to prevent contact with the eyes, as it can cause significant irritation. Don't use the ointment in combination with other pesticides or topical treatments. It can, however, be used in conjuction with rotenone shampoo.

Goodwinol ointment can cause skin irritation, so it is important to apply it only to the affected areas on your dog.

Demodectic Mange

Demodectic mange is a skin problem that can range from small to large area outbreaks, requiring more than just localized treatment. Widespread development requires treatment through oral medication, baths, dips or injections. Because of the skin irritation and the probability of your dog scratching at the affected areas, antibiotics may also be prescribed to avoid or rid him of infection.

Once a dog has developed mange, he is more likely to develop it again in the future. To prevent or minimize this possibility, you can follow some preventive measures.

  • Have your dog spayed or neutered. Mange has a genetic component, and therefore can be passed from mother to pups. Menstruation also causes stress, and can trigger a mange outbreak.
  • Feed your dog a quality dog food. Good nutritional balance can help keep your dog free from mange.
  • Avoid the use of cortisone-based products on your dog. Cortisone changes the immune system balance, so that the mites can become more active and cause mange.
  • Keep your dog parasite free through the use of flea and tick products and worm medication. Both types of parasite can promote irritation and development of mange.

Goodwinol ointment is a traditional treatment for localized demodectic mange. It kills the mites in the affected areas, reducing the irritation and allowing your dog’s skin to heal. By reducing the stress in your dog’s life and following the preventive measures, you can keep him relatively free from mange outbreaks.