GPS and Radio Cat Tracking Collar Products

Rely on a cat tracking collar to prevent the loss of your cherished pet. Keep track of your cat whether he is an indoor or outdoor cat. If your indoor cat accidentally gets outside, you'll be able to quickly track him down. Track you outdoor cats movements and you'll never worry about where he is when he doesn't come home at his usual time.

GPS Versus Radio Cat Tracking Collar Systems

Radio cat tracking collars work day or night and in any weather. They'll work during power outages and you can take it with you if you move to a new town or go on vacation with your cat. Radio tracking systems use radio waves to track your cat's location. A small transmitter is embedded in the tracking collar. You have a battery receiver unit that you keep at home. The receiver emits a loud sound when it is within range of the collar and goes quieter when the collar is out of range. You rely on those sounds to lead you to your pet. Typically, the range for radio tracking collars is around 400 feet.

A GPS cat tracking collar is equipped with a GPS chip. That chip sends a signals to a GPS tracker using satellites. If your cat goes missing, the cat's location shows up on the GPS computer map. Using this information, you can drive, hike or walk to the cat's location for recovery. Using a cell phone or tracking unit receiver, you can keep track of your cat's movements while getting to his location. While radio trackers usually have a range of a few hundred feet, GPS systems can track a pet miles away.

GPS quickly and accurately pinpoints your cat's location. You often pay a monthly fee to use GPS tracking services and cell phone charges if the system operates via your cell phone. The unit is dependent on satellites, so in areas where cell phone coverage is minimal, you may have a hard time getting GPS to work effectively.

Understand that is is hard to find a GPS system for cats. Most GPS trackers require space for batteries and the GPS chip. Because of a cat's smaller size, it's hard to create a collar spacious enough for the required electronic parts that is still small enough for the cat's neck.

Recommended Brands of Cat Tracking Collar Systems

The LoCATor radio tracking system is often recommended by pet care professionals. First, the unit's retail price averages $100 making it affordable. In addition, it has a 400 foot range, comes with two tags that are easily attached to your pet's current collar. The handset receiver offers both audio and visual signals alerting you to your pet's location. If you purchase additional tags, you can track up to four cats using this radio tracking system.

RoamEO makes a GPS tracking collar for puppies. If you have a larger cat, this GPS cat tracking collar may fit. The smallest collar is 12 inches in diameter, so measure your cat's neck carefully before purchasing. The RoamEO pet tracker includes the collar, rechargeable battery (18 to 30 hour battery life) and rechargeable LCD display. Expect to pay around $300 for this unit.