Grooming Table Tips for Keeping Your Dog Stationary

If you're having trouble with your dog during visits with the groomer, or when grooming at home, here are some tips for keeping him stationary on a dog grooming table.

Grooming Table

If you have a dog with thick, long or coarse hair then regular brushing and trimming are necessary for the best care. Getting a sturdy, well designed, portable grooming table is a good investment in your comfort, as well as your dog's good health.

Along with your table you should purchase an attachable grooming table arm which will hold a grooming noose. The noose will keep your dog under control and safe during grooming. Always use restraint during grooming to avoid mishaps. You should purchase a noose with quick release connectors that allows you to release it if your dog jumps off the table.

Train Your Dog for Grooming

Whether grooming at home or visiting a professional, you should make your dog comfortable with the process and train him for good manners and cooperation during the process. He should be able to stand still on the table and have his feet, body, mouth and ears handled by strangers. Other helpful behaviors include jumping onto the table on command (for larger dogs) and laying his head down on command. Training should start immediately, whether you have a puppy or a grown dog. Your approach should always be gentle and loving.

Use positive reinforcement to train. Reward and praise your dog when you see the behavior you want to encourage, and ignore or refuse to acknowledge inappropriate behavior. For example, every time your dog obeys your command to hop up onto the table, reward him with a treat or a word of high praise ("Good dog!"). Withhold the reward and praise when he does not give you the desired behavior. Don't punish the dog. Use only rewards. The goal here is to get the dog to want to jump up to the table to get the praise and reward.

Dog Grooming Table Tips

Choose a quiet place free of noise or distractions. A portable grooming table can be helpful with this.

Choose a time when your dog is a little tired or hungry. You want the dog to be willing and able to stand still for a substantial period. It could help if the dog is a little tired, but of course, not so tired that he lays down to sleep.

Get your dog used to being touched during grooming by petting all over his body, and giving treats occasionally while petting. Make your dog accustomed to the grooming instruments (scissors, clippers, brushes combs, etc.) by gently rubbing them along the his body, while offering treats and praise when he remains calm.