Grooming with an Ionic Dog Brush

An ionic dog brush is a new gadget designed to eliminate smells from your dog. Brushes are claimed to condition your dog's hair, and may also be designed to remove excess hair to prevent shedding. Ionic brushes have both good qualities and bad qualities.

How Do Ionic Dog Brushes Work

Most of these brushes work by directing a stream of ionized air at the fur while you are brushing it. This attracts the molecules that are responsible for dog odors and removes them from your dog's fur. Ionic brushes may also use a small amount of ozone to deodorize your dog.

Grooming your dog with an ionic brush may improve their fur, making it shinier and sleeker and can also improve circulation. However, whether an ionic brush improves these things more than a normal grooming brush has not yet been established.

The Good Qualities of an Ionic Dog Brush

An ionic dog brush will help you to keep your dog clean between baths. This is particularly useful if your dog is prone to becoming smelly. It can also help dogs which have sensitive skin and cannot be exposed to shampoos on a regular basis, or dogs which are recovering from surgery or cannot be bathed for some other reason.

Dogs with long hair should be groomed every day, while short haired dogs will benefit from weekly grooming sessions. The brush can also usually be used on cats and other furred pets.

The Bad Qualities of an Ionic Dog Brush

Ionic brushes can be loud, and may upset your dog if she isn't used to it. Grooming should be a stress free time if possible, or your dog will begin to try and avoid it.

Some kinds of ionic brushes produce ozone, which is a pollutant and can be harmful to both you and your dog. Generally the amount produced by the brush isn't enough to harm people, but there are claims that such a small amount of ozone isn't much use in reducing odors either. However, many people who have used ionic brushes have found them effective.

How to Use Your Ionic Brush

Follow the instructions provided with the ionic brush carefully. You will probably need to get your dog used to the brush. Start by turning it on when he or she is in the room, but don't try to bring it close right away. After a few minutes, walk over to your dog, holding the brush and put it down nearby as you pet and praise your dog. Move the brush closer while you do, until it is right next to your dog. If your dog gets nervous at any point, stop moving the brush.

Do this several times, until your dog is used to having the brush nearby, then try using the brush on your dog. Stop if he or she tries to escape and use lots of praise, until she is used to it.

An ionic dog brush can be useful for people who need to remove dog odors. It is a good way of cleaning your dog without resorting to a bath, but it also has disadvantages, so consider these carefully before buying it.