14 Dogs Good for Allergies: A Guide to Hypoallergenic Breeds

If your family wants a dog but allergies are a concern, there are dogs good for allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs come in a sizes and activity levels suitable for any family. Low-allergy dogs do not shed—they will need to be clipped regularly—but they are not dander-free. Even hairless dogs shed skin occasionally, so proper grooming and hygiene will still need to be addressed. Consult your allergist before bringing a new dog home. She will be able to make recommendations to help keep your reaction to dog-related allergens to a minimum. 14 Dogs Good For Allergies

  1. Chinese Crested
  2. Maltese
  3. Shih Tzu
  4. Poodle
  5. Schnauzer
  6. Yorkshire Terrier
  7. Havanese
  8. Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier
  9. Bedlington Terrier
  10. Kerry Blue Terrier
  11. Portuguese Water Dog
  12. Puli
  13. Irish Water Spaniel
  14. "Doodle" Dogs

Recently, “doodle” dogs have become popular. These are hybrid crosses of certain popular breeds mixed with the hypoallergenic poodle. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are among the best known. These dogs should be obtained from reputable breeders that breed for the specific low-allergy trait.