Why Hairless Kittens Need More Grooming—Not Less

Hairless kittens are great pets for people that don't like shedding. Cat breeds with no hair include the Sphinx cat, the Peterbald cat or the Kohana cat. However, a hairless cat needs special care and you must be prepared to host such a cat.

Grooming Hairless Kittens

The lack of fur doesn't mean that the cat doesn't need grooming. In fact, hairless kittens need more grooming because of the oils of the skin. The fur may absorb these oils, and a furry cat doesn't need too much grooming. For a hairless cat, these oils will stay on the surface of the skin and the cat will look greasy. Frequent baths can solve this problem; however the repeated exposure to water will cause dry skin. This is the reason why hairless cats need a mild shampoo. A baby lotion is also recommended after the bath, to prevent dry skin. Don't use the blow dryer, because this will cause cat skin rashes or even burns.

Special Care for Hairless Cats

Lacking the fur protection, the skin of the hairless kittens is easily injured.

Sun exposure can also be harmful. Keep the cat indoors or apply sunscreen to make sure your cat stays healthy.

The room temperature should also be higher, because hairless cats are more prone to respiratory diseases and can easily get pneumonia.