Cat Health Advice For a Happy and Healthy Cat

The proper cat health advice will assist you in keeping your cat in continuous good health. Below is some useful and helpful advice which will help you to keep your cat healthy, happy, and content for years to come.

When You Bring Your Cat Home

After you adopt or buy your cat, you should take him or her to veterinarian as soon as possible. If you're unsure of your new cat's vaccination history, have the shots administered again to be on the safe side.

With regard to feeding, your cat should always have a constant supply of dry cat food and fresh water. You should feed your kitten canned food three to four times a day and uneaten food should be removed. Cats over one year of age can eat canned food once or twice a day. Once you have taken care of your cat's feeding needs, make sure you create a space for your cat's restroom needs. If you have not done so already, place a litter box in a quiet, private location, and clean it regularly. Remove solid waste and lumps daily to prevent odor and keep the litter as clean as possible. In general, clumping litters should be changed monthly and non-clumping litters should be changed weekly.

Indoors Ensures Your Cat's Safety

Outdoor cats face several dangers such as dogs, cars, other cats, spiteful neighbors, and infectious diseases which can be potentially life-threatening. An indoor cat can live up to ten times longer than an outdoor cat. Indoor cats should be offered toys, scratching posts, window shelves, and possibly a companion pet to help enrich their lives and to keep them entertained. Some cats can be taught to walk on a lead and harness, especially if you start when they're kittens. You can enjoy being outdoors with your cat and be assured that he or she is safe from the potential dangers by walking them on the leash.

Love and Attention

Your cat needs love and attention to be happy and healthy. Play is an important source of exercise and entertainment for your cat, especially if he or she is kept indoors. Also, by spending time with your cat, you'll be able to judge when your cat may need medical attention. Cats usually change their normal behavior when feeling ill. So, it is important that you get to know your cat and his or her normal behaviors. By knowing your cat's normal behavior, you'll be able to notice right away if something doesn't seem right and this is the most important thing you can do to safeguard your cat's well-being.