Healthy and Unhealthy Puppy Poop Consistency

Whether you are a first time dog owner or a seasoned veteran at raising pets, you may need a brief refresher course on how to tell if your puppy is healthy based on his puppy poop. The waste deposits that young dogs leave behind are a good indicator of many different things about their health. It's important to develop a sense for how your pet's body works at the same time that you closely monitor his poop for signs of potential problems like parasites or disease. Read on for a brief overview of the range of consistencies that your puppy's fecal matter may take on.

Healthy Puppy Poop Consistencies

There is no single consistency that is suitable for puppy poop and which serves as the be all, end all standard for healthiness. it's not uncommon for your young dog's feces to be slightly unfirm. It may even be somewhat squishy as you go to pick up after your dog. This is largely due to the fact that most puppy specialized food formulas are full of a huge number of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your dog gets all of the proper nutrients that he needs early on for bone and other growth.

One of the results of these types of food is that they also oftentimes have a lot of fat to balance out those nutrients, and the fat is likely to wash through your pet's system and to change the consistency of his feces toward the less firm side.

It's also common for your pet to have standard firmness in his feces. This is generally a sign of a healthy, regular dog.

Unhealthy Puppy Poop Consistencies

Generally, if your pet is experiencing diarrhea on any sort of regular interval, you're likely dealing with some sort of a problem. It may be impossible to tell exactly what the matter is based on the consistency of his poop alone, however. Regular diarrhea can be anything from a poor choice of food to intestinal parasites and even to more serious conditions. Intermittent episodes of diarrhea suggest that your dog may simply be getting used to a new type of food or may be working to feel comfortable in a new environment.

If your dog's poop is very hard and brittle, this is also a bad sign. Typically, this situation comes about in puppies that are not being hydrated sufficiently. Be sure that your dog has enough water that is clean and readily available to him at all points in time throughout the day, particularly if he spend time outside while it's warm.

If you notice anything unusual about the consistency of your puppy's feces, take him to the vet right away. It could be a sign of a serious condition, and left untreated it may result in several different undesirable effects for your dog. For more information about this matter, speak with your vet or an expert on your particular breed of dog.