How Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Can Relieve Depression

Hearing dogs for deaf individuals are a source of relief for hearing impaired people, as they provide not only companionship, but many solutions to problems that result from hearing impairment.

Hearing Dogs React to Sounds

After intensive training, hearing dogs for the deaf are able to alert and, if necessary, lead their owners to the source of household or environmental sounds. The owner may not be able to hear important auditory alerts, like a telephone, a fire alarm or a crying infant, but their hearing dog will direct their attention to the situation.

Dog guides are not only helpful but also a comforting and therapeutic companion.

No Need to Worry

Hearing impairment can be emotionally difficult. When someone isn't assured he'll know what's going on around him, the idea of venturing outside into new and unknown situations can induce anxiety. As a result, hearing impaired people can feel anxious, lonely and unfulfilled.

The presence of a hearing dog who will alert its owner to sounds provides the hearing impaired independence and security. This will relieve anxiety for the dog's owner when in crowds or unfamiliar places, allowing the owner to venture outside the home and gain confidence when trying new activities.