Dog Heartworm Disease Detection with the Idexx Site Snap Test

Diagnosing dog heartworm disease requires the use of an Idexx Site Snap Test. An Indexx test delivers results within eight minutes, ensuring your vet delivers the results before you leave the office.

How Idexx Tests for Heartworm Disease

With the Idexx Site Snap Test, the test serum mixes with three drops of your dog's blood and looks for dog heartworm disease antigens. Within minutes the test results tell you if any heartworm antigens are present. The test has four indicator dots: a positive control, a negative control and then two antigen indicators.

If the negative control is the only dot to fill with color, the test is negative. If the positive indicator and one of the other indicators fill with color, the dog is in the early stages of heartworm disease. If both antigen indicators fill with color, high levels of dog heartworm disease are present.

Early Stages of Heartworm Disease

Indexx states their dog heartworm test is 99 percent accurate. You will know quickly if heartworms are present. If caught early, prescription medications kill heartworms before they cause serious problems.