Holistic Allergy Treatment for Dogs

The allergy treatment for dogs you choose is important; if you decide for medication such as antihistamines or steroids, these all have side effects and cause new medical problems. If you opt for holistic allergy treatment for your pet, there will be no side effects and only benefits for your dog's health.

Natural Allergy Relief for Topical Use

Allergies in dogs will cause symptoms such as itchiness, sneezing, rashes, scaly or dry skin. All these symptoms may be relived with herbs such as nettle, licorice root or sarsaparilla. The herbs are available in special ointment formulas or shampoos.

Oat is particularly effective in reducing itchiness. Get a shampoo that contains oat extracts and bathe your dog frequently.

As for rinsing, use a diluted solution of nettle or apple cider vinegar. The rinse may be prepared with dried yellow dock added to boiled water. Cool the water, strain the herbs and rinse the dog; this solution will have a soothing effect.

Holistic Remedies for Internal Use

Other herbs may be used as immunity boosters. Typically, dogs with a weak immune system develop allergies more often.

The herbs will tone up the immune system and the vital organs such as kidneys or liver.

The burdock root extracts have a cleansing effect, eliminating toxins in the blood that may be deposited in the liver and cause skin irritations. Dandelions and yellow dock herbs have the same properties of removing toxins from the body.

The echinacea is helpful in strengthening immunity.

Nettle has antibiotic properties, stimulates blood circulation and heals skin dermatitis.

Licorice root has the same effects as steroids, but no side effects. The licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, which is a substance that stimulates the production of corticosteroids in the body. Licorice root extracts will alleviate itchy, scaly skin and will reduce inflammation.

Sarsaparilla can treat scaly skin and itchiness.

Allergy Treatment for Dogs with Supplements

Holistic medicine practitioners recommend a few supplements also, which will stimulate the immune system, while keeping the allergy symptoms under control.

Fatty acids, found mainly in fish oil and flaxseed oil are beneficial in reducing inflammation and allergic reactions.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes will promote a healthy digestion and reduce food allergies.

Kelp reduces itchiness and helps in the tissue repair process, giving your dog a healthy skin and coat.

Vitamin A and E are the perfect antioxidants for allergic dogs. These vitamins will work in removing the toxins.

These holistic remedies may be given even as preventive measures to dogs. Allergic dogs have multiple benefits from getting natural remedies. Herbs cause no side effects and may make your dog feel better. All the other allergy treatments have an impact on the dog's health and in some cases, these treatments do more harm than good.

The herbal remedies are available in pet health stores as drops which you may use on the dog's skin, in the dog's bath water or add it as a supplement to the regular dog food. Consult a holistic vet before starting an allergy cure. Some herbs work better when taken in combination with others.