Holistic Feline Ear Mite Treatments

Cook up a feline ear mite remedy right inside your own kitchen. A holistic treatment for you cat is a good idea, especially if she is very sensitive. Oil, herb and vitamin solutions provide safer healthcare treatments over ear cleansers made with pesticides. Just open your cupboard to find all you need to fight these parasites naturally. Here's how to wash away your cat's ear fungus and eliminate her mites.

Use Natural Oils

One of the popular ways to kill ear mites is with warm oil. Ear mites like to hide under the crust and flakes that accumulate inside a cat's ears. To get rid of this brown crust, add a few drops of mineral oil into each infected ear. It will take a few hours for the crust and debris to loosen up, but it will help your cat find some relief.

Every day, apply one to two drops of baby or mineral oil into your cat's ears. This will suffocate the mites. Continue to perform this process for up to a month. Your goal is to treat the entire growth cycle of the mites so they won't come back.

Soothe Your Cat's Ears

Your cat will likely have some redness and inflammation from the mites. Add a little Vitamin E to whatever oil you use. The natural antioxidant in Vitamin E will help speed up your cat's healing process.

Another natural way to fight ear mites is with a garlic and olive oil mixture. This works to stop the intense itching caused by an ear mite infection. Simply warm the olive oil and add crushed or chopped garlic to it. Remove the garlic and coat your cat's ear canal with the oil. Be sure not to flood the ear canal with too much of the liquid.