Holistic Health for Cats

Holistic health for cats may seem like a strange term to those who aren't familiar with what it really means. This type of natural care is classified as alternative veterinary medicine that focuses on a feline’s total well-being, not just symptoms that may arise.

Holistic Health for Cats

Holistic feline care is a humane form of veterinary care that examines a cat's health and lifestyle. This alternative approach strives to be minimally invasive, free of stress and gentle. The holistic approach is not necessarily meant to take the place of traditional veterinary care, but compliment it.

Instead of just focusing on controlling a cat's symptoms, holistic care for cats provides more than just medications and vaccines to ensure a cat's health. A holistic veterinarian will also take into consideration the environment in which a cat lives, his diet, prevention techniques and alternative methods of treatment that may include acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, homeopathy, herbal remedies and alternatives to vaccinations.

Holistic Health and a Cat's Diet

Holistic health care is not just about natural remedies, it's also about what goes into a cat on a regular basis. A diet that has a good balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is crucial to a cat's well-being. Ingredients in commercial pet food products have been in the spotlight because of recalls due to less-than-par ingredients that caused several cats to fall ill. Ingredients in commercial cat foods can cause allergic reactions and contain meat byproducts, a lot of grains, additives, fillers and chemical preservatives.

The natural-care community recommends feeding cats natural, whole foods that are mostly made up of human-grade meat products. They argue this is the only way a pet owner will really know exactly what a cat is eating. A holistic diet can help boost and maintain a cat's immune system and overall health, reduce the occurrence of food allergies and provide the foods a cat would eat in the wild.

The Holistic Approach to Feline Healing

As holistic cat care is often used to compliment traditional veterinary care, there are several remedies and therapies that can be used along with traditional methods to help a cat recover from an illness. In the holistic care community, a cat's symptoms aren't looked at in a negative light. Instead, they are seen as helpful clues that help a veterinarian decide the best route to take on the road to a cat's healing.

Contrary to traditional healing methods to suppress, control, or eliminate symptoms a cat may be experiencing, the holistic approach focuses on the cat as a whole and targets the underlying disease. The alternative veterinary community poses the argument that suppressing symptoms isn't the same as curing a cat from his ailment. Holistic health care will compliment the therapies a cat is prescribed, to assist with the goal of healing.

Holistic health care for cats can provide complimentary therapies to help ensure a feline's health. If you're interested in seeking this type of care for your pet, ask your veterinarian about whom he would recommend.