Home Dog Washing Tips

Dog washing may not be among your favorite pet activities, but if you learn some dog bathing techniques you can make the experience pleasurable both for you and your dog. The frequency of bathing may vary according to several criteria including the dog's breed and the coat's length. Bathing your pet is essential for the dog's health.

Prepare for the Bath

The bath should be a pleasurable experience both for you and your pet, so you will need to make sure you have all the supplies you need ready for the bath. Prepare the water, the shampoos and the grooming supplies. Get pet shampoos and dog grooming supplies, as human products are not suitable and may irritate the dog's skin, because they have a different skin pH than humans.

Choose a time of the day when the dog is relaxed (i.e., after the evening walk).

Before bathing the dog, you can start with a massage, which will make him more relaxed and cooperative. You may also brush the dog, which will help you remove the matted fur and make your task easier when bathing the pet.

The Water Temperature

The temperature of the water should be suitable for the dog, otherwise you will hurt your pet and he will associate this negative experience with the bathing, and in the future he will be afraid of taking a bath. Check the temperature of the water with your fingers and make sure it is lukewarm.

A Mat in the Tub

The bath tub may be slippery and dogs may be afraid of this, so you should place a rubber mat in the tub and place the dog on it to avoid accidents. The mat will make sure that the dog will stay still and be calm.

Protect the Dog's Eyes and Ears

Dogs don't like water getting into their eyes and ears, plus the shampoo may cause major irritation to the eyes. Water in the ears may also be very unpleasant. Consequently, you should pay great attention when using the shampoo and rinsing, to avoid the eye and ear area. You can also put some cotton balls in the dog's ears, but make sure you don't hurt the ear drum while doing so.

Clean the Ears

After the bath, you can use some cotton buds to clean the dirt from the ears. Use a bit of mineral oil on the cotton buds. Alternatively, you can use an eye dropper and insert a few drops of mineral oil, allowing the dog to shake his head and wiping the remaining oil afterward.

Use Reassuring Words

During the bath, the dog must be comfortable at all times. Make sure you are calm; if you are nervous, your dog will feel this and may get agitated as well. Use reassuring words while bathing your dog. Try playing for a bit; introduce some toys and possibly some treats to make the bathing time a fun time.