Home Kennel Cough Treatment for Dogs

Canine kennel cough is a condition that is, in many ways, equivalent to the common cold. It is a highly infectious condition that is typically mild, although it may develop into a serious disease with proper kennel cough treatment. Kennel cough refers to a number of different bacterial diseases, each of which is commonly transmitted between dogs in locations like shows and kennel homes. Although in rare cases your pet's kennel cough may require veterinary attention, most pet owners find that a combination of home therapies is effective at eliminating a case of this common affliction.

If your dog has a shallow, frequent cough that seems to worsen during periods of activity, he may have a case of kennel cough. The disease itself is the result of a slight inflammation of the windpipe. In most cases, a healthy dog's immune system will eliminate the offending bacteria from the body within a few days. In order to best help your pet at home, consider either conventional methods of therapy or natural medicine techniques.

Conventional Methods of Addressing Kennel Cough

One of the best things that you can do to improve your pet's condition is to ensure that his immune system is functioning properly. Help to encourage ample rest and sleep. Make sure that your pet eats all of his food and drinks adequate amounts of water. Never let his water bowl go empty. If he has a difficult time eating his food because of his irritated throat, consider temporarily removing his collar or switching to a canned food, if he typically eats another type. These two methods will help to ease his pain and discomfort during the disease.

If your pet has kennel cough, limit his interaction with other animals as much as possible. If you have multiple dogs in the house, try to keep them separated for the duration of the disease.

Natural Medicine Remedies

There are a number of natural immune system boosters and other treatment methods that are available at home and without a veterinary prescription. Echinacea supplements are commonly used to promote immune system function in pets, although there are many other medicines that fall into the same category as well.

Plantago is an effective cough treatment with a variety of veterinary uses. In cases of kennel cough, this supplement can help to clear out your pet's throat by helping him to discharge any built up mucous through his coughing. This supplement also helps to increase his immune system function.

With proper rest, a healthy diet and the help of natural remedies and supplements, your pet should recover from his kennel cough in a short period of time. If the disease does not improve, or if it persists for more than a few days, your pet may need additional treatment. It is possible also that your pet is suffering from a condition that may seem to mimic kennel cough. In either case, it is best at this point to have your animal examined by a vet for signs of complications. Between your home remedies and the help of a veterinarian, you stand an excellent chance of helping to speed up your pet's recovery time.