Home Remedies for Canine Hot Spots

Canine hot spots are a unique phenomenon that occurs in dogs of all ages, breeds and types. Perhaps best characterized as spots on the body that become sore and infected as a result of either bacteria, an open injury or your pet's behavior, these spots can quickly develop into painful and potentially serious problems if left untreated. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can help to remedy these problems at home without visiting a vet. As with any other home remedy, however, it's important that you respond as quickly as possible if your pet suffers some sort of an adverse reaction. It's also crucial that you consult with your vet if the home remedy doesn't help to make the issue better or if it seems to make matters worse. Read on for a few of the most common home remedies for canine hot spots.

Antibiotic Creams

Creams like Neosporin have mild antibiotic ingredients in them that help to kill bacteria on the site of a wound. These creams are very useful for humans who receive small cuts or wounds and wish to prevent infection. The same can be said for hot spots on dogs. If your pet has an open sore or another cut in his skin that you worry may become infected with bacteria, treat it with Neosporin or some other alternative antibiotic cream in order to prevent infection from setting in. This not only helps to make the hot spot heal up faster, but it also prevents the infection from developing and potentially spreading to other parts of your pet's body. If your pet's hot spot is underneath some of his fur, you may find it necessary to shave off a small portion of his fur in order to apply the Neosporin directly to his skin.

If you use an antibiotic or anti-itch cream of this type, it's important that you monitor your pet closely to make sure that he doesn't attempt to lick the cream off of his body or to eat it. These products are not intended for ingestion and may cause your pet gastric problems if he successfully consumes them.

Black Tea

Black tea is a good choice of a natural home remedy for canine hot spots, as it has a high quantity of tannins that help to prevent infection. In order to make use of this, steep a black tea bag in hot water for several minutes to loosen up the tea. Allow it to cool down until it's not hot any longer and then apply the tea bag directly to the hot spot on your dog's body. Leave it to sit there for several minutes and then remove it. For the best results in preventing infection, you should repeat this step several times per day until the hot spot has healed up.