Home Remedies for Cats in Heat

Cats in heat are typically readily recognizable as such. The process of coming into "heat" means that your pet is ready to mate. Her period of being in heat is when she is particularly fertile, and her natural instincts for reproduction will dictate a certain set of behaviors that many people will find irritating. Cats in heat will tend to be loud, overactive and have a number of other unusual behaviors as well. Fortunately, if your pet is in heat and you find the behaviors to be frustrating, you can help to reduce the situation by following these home remedies for cats in heat.

Hormone Supplements

Cats develop unusual behaviors and actions as a result of the hormones that are produced in their bodies when they come into heat. If you balance out these hormones or cause your pet's system to not be able to process them by introducing a hormone inhibitor into her system, she'll typically calm down considerably. These hormone supplements are readily available at pet supply stores. However, before you give your pet any hormone or other type of supplement, it's a good idea to consult with your vet to make sure that the supplement you'll give her will not otherwise affect your health in general.


Depending upon your cat's reaction to catnip, you may find that giving her catnip while she is in heat will help to calm her. However, it's only a good idea to do so if you've previously given your pet catnip and you know how to anticipate her reaction to the herb. Some cats will react to catnip by becoming additionally active and aggressive, which may not help a cat that is already aggressive due to being in heat at all. If your cat calms down as a result of catnip, however, this is a good method of helping to remedy this situation.


One of the most obvious ways of helping your pet to cope with being in heat is to allow her to mate. However, before you readily encourage this behavior or allow it by introducing your cat into an area where male cats may be, it's important to consider the ramifications. Only mate a cat if you have a dedicated home for any potential offspring. You'll also need to be able to commit to caring for your cat throughout the term of her pregnancy in order to ensure her health and the health of the litter as well.


Although it's not a home remedy, the single most effective method of reducing the behaviors associated with cats in heat is to spay them. Veterinarians can spay your cat for a small fee. The post operative care period is minimal and your pet will return to normal health and behavior within a few days. Best of all, this will permanently eliminate your pet's desire to mate as a result of being in heat. Ask your vet for more information about spaying your female cat.