Home Remedy to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding

Dog nail bleeding can be painful for your pet, since there are major blood vessels that run into his feet. The bleeding occurs when you cut the dog's nail too closely, called cutting the quick, or the soft tissue underneath the toenail. This bleeding will usually stop on its own, but you can help it stop more quickly with these home methods.

Cut Safely

You won't need any remedies if you cut the dog's toenails carefully. Though accidents happen, they can be avoided if you try not to be too ambitious when cutting the nail.

The longer your dog's nails get, the longer the quick gets, so there is no way to make up ground by cutting off a lot of nail. Never trim more than the curved tip of the nail. To avoid the nails getting too long, trim more often instead of cutting more in each session.

Soap and Water

The biggest concern when you cut your dog's nail is cleaning the wound to ensure no bacteria gets in. You can clean the wound while stopping the bleeding by simply holding a piece of scent-free, mild soap against the nail.

Another option is to hold the foot under slow running warm water to wash the blood off for a few seconds. After you have cleaned the wound, wrap it in a warm, wet wash cloth. Hold your dog still with this compress for at least 20 minutes, applying gentle pressure the entire time. This will prevent your dog from reinjuring the wound.

Making a Paste

If you're concerned that the bleeding won't stop, you can make a paste out of simple household cooking ingredients, such as flour and water. Make a thick paste out of flour and water and use a Q-tip to apply to the toenail. Don't wipe the blood away before applying, so it can coagulate and heal the blood vessel.

Leave the paste on the toenail for a few minutes until the bleeding has stopped. This will prevent bacteria from entering when the wound is most vulnerable.

Corn starch and baking soda are also effective in making a paste. If bleeding doesn't stop, add another layer of paste. You may need to repeat this a couple of times before you see success.

If you have it on hand, you can also use a styptic pencil, commonly used to stop bleeding from shaving wounds. To use, dip in water and rotate across the wound. This causes a much bigger sting than the other methods, so consider trying homemade paste first.

No matter which method you choose, remember to keep your dog off his feet for 30 minutes to an hour after the injury to prevent him from reinjuring the nail or getting an infection. If the bleeding continues for longer than 20 minutes, contact your veterinarian.

If you don't have any of these materials on hand, don't worry. These wounds will usually heal on their own in only a few minutes. Just be sure to clean the wound and keep your dog off his feet for a little while.