Home Treatments for Common Dog Ailments

There are several dog ailments that can be treated with home remedies. However, before starting any home therapy or treatment it's necessary to conduct a vet check to rule out serious diseases that can harm your pet if not treated with prompt medication. Pets fall prey to condition like arthritis, indigestion, flea infections, fever and intestinal worms. If your dog frequently suffers from certain conditions, it's best to follow certain preventive and curative measures at home that will bring relief from discomfort or pain.

Home Remedies for Dog Ailments

Several pet owners have tried certain kitchen ingredients along with specific medications that work well to reduce symptoms in their pets. Although these remedies may not work on all pets, they offer simple curative suggestions to deal with common dog ailments.

Known home remedies include:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Benadryl
  • Baby aspirin
  • Pepto bismol

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used to cure skin and coat problems in pets. The vinegar should be sprayed or dabbed on affected areas. Its best applied twice daily until the skin condition gets better. Apple Cider Vinegar can be used on red itchy skin or on pets experiencing hair loss. Dogs suffering from hot spots can also be treated with a compress, soaked in peppermint extract, lavender oil or aloe vera to soothe the itching.


It's important to consult the vet before giving your pet human medication such as baby aspirin or bendryl. If the medication is given in the wrong amount or in combination with other drugs, it causes adverse side effects and may even be toxic. Liquid Benadryl is too concentrated for use in animals. Benadryl formula can be used in capsule or pill form. It helps to control vomiting, reduce itching and can even bring relief from snake or insect bites. Benadryl shouldn't be used on pets suffering from hyperthyroidism, glaucoma or cardiovascular disease. The vet will recommend the ideal dosage suited to your pet.

Baby Aspirin

Baby aspirin shouldn't be used on puppies as it can be toxic to dogs weighing 2 lbs or less. In most cases aspirin is used to relieve symptoms of joint pain, arthritis and fever. The type or brand of aspirin used should be carefully examined as certain medicines contain coatings that are only appropriate for humans. When given in proper dosages it helps pets feel better within a few hours. However, not all dogs respond well to aspirin and if you notice bloody vomit, promptly discontinue the medication.

Pepto Bismol

Several pet owners consider giving their pets Pepto Bismol to treat diarrhea, vomiting and indigestion. Although the treatment brings relief in some pets, it cannot be used in all dogs. Vet prescribed medication is ideal for dogs suffering from diarrhea due to underlying diseases. Pepto Bismol is only effective in pets suffering from diarrhea caused by dietary intolerance. The side effects of Pepto Bismol in dogs include a darkened tongue and stools that appear blackish in color.

Along with proper medication and routine vaccinations, dogs can have healthy lives if proper grooming procedures like regular bathing and dental hygiene are followed.