Homeopathic Treatment for Arthritis in Dogs

Successful homeopathic treatment for arthritis in dogs requires an owner who can read and understand the symptoms their dog is displaying. They must then be able to convey those symptoms to their homeopathic veterinarian to allow him to choose the correct remedies to use in treating the dog. For instance, a dog experiencing joint pain and fatigue at night would need a different remedy from one suffering from early morning stiffness.

Below is a list of some of the more common remedies used for arthritis treatment in dogs and the symptoms they address.

  • Aconitum napellus addresses pain and inflammation brought on by exposure to cold weather.

  • Apis mellifica addresses joint swelling with redness and tenderness of the skin. Cold compresses often bring relief while warm compresses exacerbate the pain.

  • Arnica relieves pain in injured joints that then develop chronic arthritis.

  • Aurum metallicum addresses arthritis pain that moves around the body through muscles and joints that ease with the application of warm compresses and exercise. It also causes intense pain at night that interrupts sleep.

  • Belladonna addresses sudden flare-ups with throbbing pain along with reddened, inflamed joints.

  • Bryonia addresses throbbing pain brought on by exertion.

  • Calcarea carbonica addresses pain in overweight dogs who tire easily. Redness and inflammation, along with weakness and cramping often occur when exposed to cold and damp weather.

  • Calcarea fluorica addresses arthritis where joints are enlarged and deformed and that improves with warmth and exercise.

  • Calcarea phosphorica addresses aches in bones and exhaustion from exertion. It also reduces calcium deposits and bone-spurs.

  • Calcarea flourica helps arthritis pain that improves with heat application and exercise.

  • Causticum helps with arthritis that causes bone and joint deformities, tendon problems and muscle weakness. Cold and damp exacerbate the pain and there is relief when warm compresses are applied.

  • Culcamara helps with arthritis in overweight dogs who are also experiencing back pain and that worsens in cold weather.

  • Kali bichromicum addresses arthritis pain that alternates with asthma and stomach pain that occurs at odd moments. Heat exacerbates inflammation and discomfort, especially in warm weather.

  • Kali carbonicum helps thickened and/or deformed joints that experience increased pain during cold, damp weather.

  • Kalmia latiflora addresses sudden intense arthritic pain, especially pain that occurs after exercise or at night.

  • Ledum palustre helps arthritis that starts in the feet and moves upwards to the body, accompanied by crackling noises when the limbs are moved. It is especially helpful with significant swelling that is relieved with cold pack applications.

  • Pulsatilla helps with unpredictable pain that moves from joint to joint, especially in the hips and knees. Pain intensifies with warmth and recedes with cool compresses.

  • Rhododendron addresses arthritis swelling and pain that worsens before storms and increases with the severity of the storm. Cold and damp exacerbate the pain as does extended immobility.

  • Rhus toxicodendron addresses arthritis with joint pain and stiffness that is worse after a night's sleep and that responds to warmth and exercise.

  • Ruta graveolens addresses arthritis characterized with lameness and stiffness that is exacerbated from cold and damp weather. It also helps with tendon damage.

There are many more homeopathic remedies for arthritis available that will address each and every symptom that is affecting your dog. It is your job as a conscientious dog owner to recognize and report those symptoms to your veterinarian.