Homeopathy for Cats

Homeopathy is an unconventional type of treatment that may be applied in cats with various illnesses ranging from allergic reactions to cancer. The treatment will focus on reducing the cat’s symptoms, but will also address additional health issues discovered in the pet, which may be at the root of the actual disease. Homeopathic remedies may be applied in felines that don’t respond to traditional treatments or in addition to traditional treatments. Some pet owners will also choose to apply only homeopathic remedies, considering these a healthier alternative.

Pet Homeopathy Basics

Homeopathy is a treatment option that has been used in humans and may also be employed in curing canine and feline diseases. Homeopathic specialists use dilutions, which combine various ingredients that are found in nature (e.g. herbs, minerals or animal extracts). The dilutions will be prepared according to each patient in part. The homeopath will perform an examination and establish if the pet requires other treatments or displays other symptoms that need to be addressed. In many cases, a disease is caused by the weakening of the immune system, so the homeopath will also employ ingredients that will strengthen the immune system.

The dilutions will contain various ingredients and the homeopath establishes the concentration of each ingredient. When starting the treatment, the homeopath will administer a highly concentrated dilution, which should improve the cat’s condition. In time, the homeopath will prescribe dilutions that are less and less concentrated, so in the end, the cat receives only a placebo solution. Testing of several ingredients may be necessary before finding a dilution that is effective in the pet.

Homeopathic Remedies for Felines

The homeopathic remedies or the dilutions may contain various ingredients. The ingredients will be established judging by the cat’s overall health condition and cats suffering from the same disease may actually receive dilutions with different ingredients. In felines, homeopaths will frequently use the following ingredients:

  • Arsenicum album is compound that will reduce inflammation
  • Licorice root can also be used in cats that display swelling due to allergies or various other conditions
  • Ferrum phoshoricum is an anti inflammatory ingredients
  • Sabadilla can be applied in cats that have itchy skin or dermatitis, but can also have anti inflammatory effects
  • Alfa alfa can be used in pets that are constipated
  • Alium cepa is a compound that is recommended for felines that display symptoms such as watery eyes and a runny nose or have flu like symptoms
  • Euprhasia can be used in cats that have dry cough or sneeze
  • Gelsemium can increase the pet’s energy
  • St. John’s wort can be used in cats that are affected by viruses
  • Nux vomica reduces lethargy and head aches, having also a soothing effect
  • Valerian can be used in agitated cats or cats that suffer from stress or anxiety
  • Ginger, which is a tonic
  • Echinacea
  • Milk thistle

The Effectiveness of Homeopathy

The effectiveness of homeopathy is under debate. Some cats show signs of improvement or are fully cured after a homeopathic treatment, while others may not respond to the treatment.