How Much Does a Dog Biopsy Cost?

A biopsy is a useful diagnostic tool for both human and canine medicines. Biopsies are procedures in which a small sample of tissue is removed from the patient an analyzed in the lab. By removing this tissue, the vet or lab technician can determine certain characteristics of the patient's health, including damage to organs, cancer presence and more. Biopsies are often the most effective means of producing an accurate diagnosis. However, due to the fact that they are minimally or significantly invasive surgeries, depending upon the procedure itself, they do tend to cost a fair amount of money.

Standard Biopsy Costs

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly how much a biopsy will cost without examining a particular case and patient. There are several reasons for this. First off, the cost of the biopsy will greatly depend upon the part of the body that is being tested. Surface level skin biopsies, for instance, tend to cost a maximum of around $400, including the procedure and the test and analysis. The reason is that these surgeries are minimally invasive and, in most cases, the patient can go home with his owner on the same day. If you suspect that your pet may have a cancerous growth on the surface of his skin or just below the surface, this is the type of biopsy that you'll get.

Biopsies of internal organs are much more difficult to perform and much more costly. These biopsies often require at least one overnight stay in the hospital, anesthesia, post operative care and more. With the costs of all of these items factored in, it's not unusual for an internal biopsy to cost well over $1,000. Again, however, the exact organ will determine how expensive the procedure is.

Other Factors

It's generally much cheaper if your pet can return home with you following the biopsy procedure. The costs of caring for a pet overnight at a veterinary hospital can run into the hundreds of dollars. This is one of the elements of the total cost of a biopsy procedure for your dog that you have some control over. The procedure itself, the cost of the labor and the lab work that will need to be done on the tissue sample are all elements that are out of your control.

Ways to Lower Costs

Training hospitals and veterinary centers exist in areas around veterinary schools. These are excellent places to take an animal for a procedure of this type. The costs will be much lower, and the trainees who will work on your pet will be monitored by professionals throughout the procedure, so you'll have no need to worry about dangers to your pet's health as the biopsy is being performed. Be sure to shop around, generally, for the best prices at different veterinary hospitals and clinics in your area.

A biopsy is a necessary step toward diagnosing certain medical conditions in pets. Ask your vet for more information.