How Much Does a Microchip for Dogs Cost?

A microchip for dogs can be beneficial, especially when your pet gets lost. The microchip will contain your contact information and will be placed under the dog’s skin. The microchip is an electronic name tag for the pet and it is linked to a database. When the dog is lost, he will be scanned and you will be notified shortly. If you are interested in getting a microchip for your pet, you may want to know some details about the price of such a microchip.

Pet Microchip

A pet microchip is a modern means of identification for your pet. Often name tags may get lost, if your dog loses his collar or he is stolen. The microchip is an invisible name tag that will also contain your contact info and should the dog get lost and found, you will be notified to get your dog.

For this identification method to work, it’s important that you update your contact info in the dog database, so that you can be tracked down when needed.

The microchip is not a painful device and the dog won’t feel it.

The Cost of a Dog Microchip

The average costs of a dog microchip are between $20 and $50, but this doesn’t include the veterinary procedure of placing the chip. The procedure can cost an additional $50 to $100. However, you may find higher costs as well.

The cost of a dog microchip may be variable and will depend on:

  • The type of microchips, as there are low cost chips and high end chips; talk to your vet about the options you have
  • Where the chip is placed on the dog’s body (it will be typically placed in between the shoulder blades, as this is an area that won’t hurt the dog)
  • The fees of the veterinarian that applies the chip; vets may charge more, while if you get your chip at a pet shelter, this may cost less; at some pet shelters that give pets for adoption, the price of the pet may include the cost of the microchip
  • The average costs in your geographical area; typically, the New York and California area may have higher costs

The costs of a pet microchip are higher than the costs of a regular ID tag; however, the chip has many advantages and cannot be removed or lost by the dog. In addition, the contact info on the chip can be changed without removing the chip, while an ID tag has to be replaced each time you change your contact details.

Where to Get a Dog Microchip

You can get a dog microchip at any veterinarian office or at pet shelters. You may also get a microchip for your pet online; several online pet stores sell these. Visit your local pet store to check and compare the prices.

The procedure will be quick and the dog may be under local anesthesia, so that he won’t feel anything while the chip is placed between his shoulder blades.