How Much Does Dog TPLO Surgery Cost?

Dog TPLO surgery can be a costly venture. However, if your dog regains use of his knee, the cost may be worth it.

TPLO Surgery Components

Your dog may need TPLO surgery if he suffers a knee injury, tearing any of the ligaments in the knee. This ca occur for any number of reasons, even if your dog isn't that active. Your dog could step awkwardly and tear a ligament. Some tears may be minor, but many require surgery.

During the surgery, your dog's knee is examined and all of the torn ligaments are removed. Then, your veterinarian will replace those ligaments with metal plates and screws, allowing your dog's knee to move again as normal. This requires a preliminary X-Ray, anesthetic, two nights in a veterinary hospital and cost of parts and labor. Additional costs can include medication, IVs and veterinary preparation.

In addition, after the surgery, your dog must be on bed rest for up to six months. During this time, your dog may require additional pain medication and physical therapy, resulting in a pricey surgery.

Cost of Surgery

Cost of this surgery is variable, depending on the size of your dog, the extent of the surgery and the rates of your veterinarian. A typical TPLO surgery will cost between $2500 and $3500.

Initially, your dog will need an X-Ray, which can cost around $200. Though not included in the above price, a second X-Ray is usually needed six months later, which will cost another $200.

Cost of the surgery itself is usually around $700 plus the price of the metal plate and screws, which can cost around $400, and the anesthetic, which costs around $400, depending on the size of your dog. For a smaller dog, the price would be reduced. The cost is determined by the amount of medication needed to sedate your dog.

  • Finally, there are additional costs for:
  • bloodwork
  • IVs
  • two nights staying at the veterinary hospital with 24-hour care
  • other surgery costs that make up the remainder of the balance

Though a relatively minor cost, your dog will require pain killers after surgery that can cost around $40 per week, more or less depending on the size of your dog.

If you decide to hire a specialist for physical therapy, this can cost you $100 to $200 per session. However, there are many online guides or books that can be purchased to learn the exercises. With the help of your veterinarian, you may only need one session or be able to do the work at home.

Followup visits at your veterinarian's regular rate should also be considered. This isn't included in the initial cost but may be required every few weeks, depending on your dog's progress.


Most pet insurances don't cover TPLO surgery. However, there are some insurance companies that will cover some or most of the costs. Before purchasing pet insurance, research a few of the top companies to determine what illnesses are covered. This may ease some of the burden.