How Much Dog Exercise Is Enough?

Dog exercise is essential for the animal's well being and to prevent obesity and obesity-related health issues. The amount of exercise a dog needs will vary greatly according to the breed, size and age of the dog. Puppies have certain limits and shouldn't be pushed to exercise more.

Exercise Needs of Dogs

The amount of exercise the dog needs will vary according to a few factors such as:

  • The breed of the dog; certain canine breeds need more than others.
  • The size of the dog. Typically smaller dogs require less exercise, but there are also small dogs that need to move more.
  • The energy level of the dog.
  • The age of the dog, as senior dogs may require less exercise than puppies or younger dogs, and puppies also have certain limits.
  • The intensity of the exercise, as some types of exercise (i.e., jogging) will require only a few minutes per day as opposed to walking.

Consequently, the exercise needs can be anywhere between 15 minutes and 2 hours per day. Regardless of the amount of exercise your pet needs, you need to bear in mind that the dog needs to move on a daily basis.

How Much Dog Exercise Is Enough?

On average, the amount of exercise a dog needs is around 30 to 40 minutes a day. Again, this amount of time may vary and your vet can let you know based on the breed and the energy level of your pet. You may also establish how much exercise is enough for your dog.

To establish how much exercise your dog needs, you will have to monitor his day and see how much he plays, and add that to the walking or jogging he does with you. If your dog looks tired at the end of the day and doesn't gain weight, this means that he gets the right amount of exercise.

Watch out for signs that the dog doesn't get enough exercise:

  • Behavioral problems such as chewing or biting various items in the home
  • Insomnia and activity during the nighttime
  • Weight gain, even if you feed him the amount recommended by your vet
  • Hyperactivity and jumping on family and guests

Choosing the Right Exercise

The type of exercise you choose for your pet is important, because it has to be suited for his age, health and ultimately his preferences.

If your dog is in good health you can choose from just about any type of exercise, ranging from walking to jogging alongside your bike or swimming. You can test a few activities and see what your dog enjoys doing.

If your dog has a health problem such as arthritis or is obese, you will have to choose the type of exercise carefully. Swimming is highly recommended for dogs with arthritis and weight problems, because it exercises all muscle groups but the extra weight will not press on the joints.