How to Get Rid of a Flea Problem in Your House

One of the biggest issues that many people with pets in their homes face is an overall flea problem in the house. Fleas are minuscule parasites that jump from host to host, biting and feeding off of the blood of their victims. Fleas cause itchy bumps and minor rashes, but they can also be vectors for certain diseases. It's therefore important to keep your house free of fleas. This can help to keep your pets free of fleas as well. Read on for a brief guide to eliminating fleas from your home.

Keep Fleas Off of Your Pets

If your pets continue to have fleas, you'll find that fleas can repopulate your home even if you work carefully to eliminate them from all of the furniture and inanimate objects in the building. Therefore, it's important that you treat your animals for fleas at the same time as you treat your home. You can accomplish this by giving your pet medicated shampoo baths, by using a flea collar or some other type of medicine. A number of popular topical medicines like Advantage have been developed in recent years and can be used to great results on pets.

Keep Clean in General

The more frequently that you clean your home, the less likely it will be that fleas will have a chance to make a living there. It also can help to remove flea eggs that may be laid in the area as well. Make sure to spend time regularly cleaning your carpets, furniture and any other part of the house where fleas may hide.

You should spend time cleaning up the area in which your pet spends the most time sleeping, as this typically harbors a lot of fleas and flea eggs. Vacuuming carpets and clothed furniture is an especially good way to eliminate and prevent fleas from attacking your house and pets.

Use Mild Pesticides

The most effective way to eliminate fleas is also one that can pose a health risk to you, other people and other animals in your home, if you're not careful. A number of mild pesticide agents can be used to kill fleas. These include flea balls or anti flea granules to be spread out over the carpet. They also include flea bombs and sprays that can be used in various places throughout a room as well.

However, all of the pesticides that you'll use in these anti flea bombs will also cause the same effects to humans and animals. The difference, however, is that of concentration; typically, these pesticides are not presented in a concentration that is remotely close enough to cause damage to your or your pets.

Still, it's important that you be very careful not to exceed the usage requirements and to maintain a healthy environment for your pets and the other members of your family at all times. Repeated treatments are necessary to eliminate all fleas.