How to Get Rid of Cat Fur Knots

Cat fur can occasionally become tangled, particularly in long-haired cats. Tangled fur may develop into fur knots, which can result in irritation and itching on the cat's skin. Here are some methods you can employ to get rid of cat fur knots:

Approach the Process Slowly

While removing a cat fur knot should not be overly painful for the cat, she will likely experience some discomfort. The cat may not like being handled for long periods and may run away and hide if the process takes too long. Because of this, you should try one step at a time, leaving the cat alone for hours between attempts if necessary, so as not to overstress her. The knot is not something that must be immediately removed.

Attempt to Comb out the Knot

The first attempt to remove the cat fur knot is simply to comb it out. If the knot is actually a small tangle, this may be all that is necessary to remove it. However, combing out this knot will tug at the cat's skin and cause her minor discomfort, so you should approach the situation appropriately.

With the cat comfortably nestled on your lap or in a safe, secure location from which she cannot suddenly bolt and hide easily, soothe and calm the cat, combing other areas of the fur with slow, relaxing strokes. Gently gripping the bottom of the knot just above the skin with one hand, run the comb through the knot, pulling down on the knot the whole time to lessen the pinch the cat will feel. However, if the knot is thick or matted, this may not be enough.

Bathe with Detangler

If simply combing out the knot did not work, you should next bathe the cat with a cat-safe detangler shampoo to loosen up the fur. Once the cat has been bathed with the detangler, you can spray an additional cat-safe detangler over the knot. Repeat the process of attempting to comb out the knot, not forgetting to grip the knot by the bottom gently to lessen the cat's discomfort. If this is not enough to loosen the knot, it may have to be removed entirely.

Cutting off the Knot

If bathing and detangling the knot did not work, you can cut the knot off. The fur should grow back but may take a while; even if it does not grow back entirely, this is preferable to leaving the knot be. Approach the cat with the same manner as that during the attempt to comb out the knot. The cat should be relaxed and securely settled on your lap or in a confined location. Having another person help distract and/or hold the cat at this point can help make this procedure safer.

Once the cat is secured, grip the knot by the top, pulling it out as far as possible without causing the cat discomfort. Using clean scissors, snip off the knot slowly, taking care not to cut your fingers or the cat's skin.

The best method to avoid knotted cat fur is regular grooming. Owners should brush long-haired cats at least once a day and medium- to short-haired cats at least once every other day.