How to Get Rid of Puppy Fleas without Chemicals

Puppy fleas can be a problem, especially if you have more than one dog. In addition, puppies are too young for harsh chemicals, so traditional methods of removing fleas often can't be used. Though not as well known, there are many ways to rid your house of fleas without chemicals.

Removing Fleas from Puppies

A simple bath is often enough to remove puppy fleas. These pests don't like soap or water, so fleas can be removed and drowned without a chemical-laden soap. There are also many natural shampoos that kill and repel fleas, containing ingredients such as rosemary, cedar oil, citronella, wormwood and peppermint oil.

You can also use flea combs to remove fleas from your puppies. Once you remove a flea, drown it in soapy water. Though this is time-consuming, it is effective and chemical-free.

Another effective way to remove puppy fleas is to bathe them in lemon water. To make this rinse, slice a lemon or two, leaving the peel on the slices. Put the slices into a pint of boiling water and allow them to sit overnight. Strain to remove the pulp before sponging the rinse over your dog. Allow him to air dry rather than towel drying him.

Removing Fleas from House

Removing the fleas from your puppy is only a small part of the battle. Flea larvae can live dormant in your carpet and bedding for more than a year, waiting for proper conditions to return. Thus, it's very important to cleanse your house of fleas.

Vacuum all carpets and throw away the vacuum bag in an airtight bag. Throw it outside, because fleas can live in your vacuum cleaner. Wash all dog bedding, sheets and rugs in hot water.

Another chemical-free alternative involves placing pie pans filled half-full with water and dish soap next to dog beds at night. Turn out all the lights except a small light placed as close to the water as possible. Fleas will be attracted to the light and dive into the water, drowning.

Sprinkle a Borax-salt mixture into your carpet and leave for a few days. Fleas will eat this mixture, becoming dehydrated and can then be vacuumed.

Removing Fleas from Yard

You may want to make your yard a less desirable habitat. You can do this by sprinkling diatomaceous earth around your yard. It's non-toxic to children and pets, but dehydrates and kills fleas.

You can also add nematodes to your yard that feast on flea larvae, reducing the amount of fleas in your yard. Though they can still enter from outside sources, your yard won't be the flea breeding ground it once was.

Flea Prevention

Even if you don't want to put traditional flea preventative, which often contains pesticides, on your dog's back, you can still prevent your puppy from picking up fleas.

There are many chemical-free sprays available, such as citronella sprays, that you can spray on your dog before allowing him in the yard or taking him on a hike. In addition, placing a few drops of rosemary, peppermint or lavender oil between your dog's shoulder blades or on his collar can also repel fleas.