How to Stop a Dog from Barking When You Leave

If you want to know how to stop a dog from barking when you leave your home, you have to know why your dog is barking. Dogs may start barking often due to anxiety, fear or boredom. When you leave, the dog may be afraid you are leaving him for good or may start barking later, when he gets bored of being on his own. There are a few methods you can use to stop your dog from barking and driving your neighbors mad.


When you leave, your dog will fear that you leave him behind and you will never return. This may apply especially in dogs that have already been left behind by a previous owner. However, to overcome separation anxiety, you can desensitize your pet and let him know that you will return whenever you leave.

First, start by leaving the home for 5 minutes; the dog is very likely to bark, but allow him to do so and when you come back, give him rewards.

As you train your dog, you should extend the time you spend outdoors to 30 minutes and then several hours. Always reward your dog upon your return. The dog will learn that you will return and will no longer be stressed or fearful that he will be left behind.

Reduce Preparation Time

When you prepare to go outside, the dog will sense the alert tempo and the fact that you put on different clothes and take your shoes or coat to go and leave him, so he will bark.

Try to prepare when the dog doesn’t see you and after taking your shoes on, spend a few more minutes with your pet, so that he won’t realize that you are about to go out.

Try not to make a great deal about leaving, so that the dog will not get stressed.

Leave a Few Toys

Your dog may bark due to boredom, especially when you leave for several hours. Make sure the dog has toys to play with, so that he is less likely to get bored.

You may even prepare a place in one of the rooms where the dog can spend the time you are away and place several pillows, toys and activities your dog can get involved in. Leave some old clothes that have your smell, so that the dog can feel more comfortable.

Hide some toys or treats, so that the dog can start the hunt as soon as you leave.

Try to avoid leaving your dog in his crate, as a confined place can add stress to the time spent alone and the dog can develop behavioral problems and bark incessantly.

Leave the Radio or TV On

When you go away, leave the radio or TV on, so that your dog hears conversations and noises and he will be less lonely. However, make sure that the noise is not too loud, as this may scare the dog.