How to Stop Dog Barking at Cat

In order to stop dog barking from being a problem in your household, you'll need to identify your pet's habit of barking at cats and other pets and objects as quickly as possible. The earlier that you're able to convince him to give up on this behavior, the more likely you'll be to keep him from starting it back up later on in life as well. There are many different techniques for stopping your pet from barking excessively, and they range from those that involve disciplinary training to those that attempt to channel his energies in other ways.

Avoid Giving the Dog Attention

Many dogs bark at cats and at other objects in order to get attention. As your pet's owner, you can help to either reinforce or break him of this pattern. The more that you react to his barking, the more likely that he'll do it when he wants to get your attention. Therefore, when your dog begins to bark at a cat, isolate him in a separate area and ignore him until he is through barking.

Distract the Dog

Many dogs will stop barking if you're able to distract them sufficiently. Some trainers and vets suggest giving your dog a toy to chew on or play with when he begins to bark at a cat. Others will recommend actually shocking or surprising him. You can surprise him and distract him from the cat that he's barking at by spraying water in his face. This will not cause your dog any harm, but some trainers and vets feel that it helps to encourage more aggressive behavior in pets, so it should be carefully considered before you begin.

Increase Exercise Levels

By increasing your pet's exercise levels, you'll help to tire him out and thereby reduce the likelihood that he'll bark at a cat. This can be done by ensuring that you play with your pet and provide him ample opportunities to burn off his excess energy before he has the opportunity to bark. Dogs will become hyperactive and energetic when kept inside and without the opportunity to exercise.

Specialized Dog Collars

If you're interested in disciplining your dog in order to get him to stop barking, you should plan to give him a specialized training collar. One of the most popular types of collars for mid size or larger dogs is the shock collar. This collar, activated by a remote control that you hold, will deliver a slight shock to your pet when he barks. This shock will not hurt him but, like the water in the face, will help to distract him and admonish him for his behavior. These collars should not be used on smaller dogs, however, as there is a risk of injury.

In extreme cases, surgery is available to prevent your pet from barking. Most vets will recommend against this except in very extreme cases, however. For more ideas on how to stop your dog from barking at a cat, ask a vet.