How to Train a Kitten to Sleep at Night

Knowing how to train a kitten to sleep at night can help set the pattern for her behavior for her entire life. Cat owners who don't like their kittens being playful when they're trying to sleep should consider these tips that teach how to train a kitten to sleep at night:

Give the Kitten Her Own Sleeping Space

Knowing how to train a kitten to sleep at night (or at least not bother her owner at night) can be as simple as establishing the rule that the kitten is not to sleep with the owner. The owner should create the kitten's own sleeping space outside of the bedroom and shut the bedroom door. Give the kitten a warm bed or pile of blankets in a comfortable, quiet corner of the home and place the kitten in the bed at bedtime. Pet the kitten until she relaxes and settles into the bed. Once she is settled, the owner should to to bed and shut the bedroom door. If the kitten follows after the owner, the owner should ignore the kitten.

If the kitten gets attention, she may become more energetic and less likely to fall asleep. Even if the kitten meows or paws at the door, the owner should not respond. The kitten will get used to the nighttime situation after a few weeks at most. If the owner coddles the cat when she cries for attention, the behavior will not stop.

Exercise the Kitten during the Day

If the owner wants to allow the kitten into the bedroom at night but wants her to sleep through most of the night, there are a few other tips that may help them learn how to train a kitten to sleep at night. The first is to tire her out during the day. Owners should set a routine of playtime with the cat at least once every couple of hours when at home. Whatever kinds of toys appeal to the kitten and get her moving can help her burn her excess energy, so that she's more tired by nighttime. However, don't play with the cat the last hour before going to bed, as this may overstimulate her.

Discourage Playfulness at Night

Owners who want to allow their kittens to sleep with them should still learn how to train a kitten to not be playful at night. Have a small spray bottle of water or a small piece of aluminum foil on your nightstand. If the kitten starts being especially playful, the owner should lightly mist the water in the direction of the cat (assuming it won't get the bed very wet) or crinkle the aluminum foil and firmly state, "No!" Cats tend to not like the sensation of being sprayed or the sound of aluminum foil crinkling. Owners should repeat as necessary.

If the kitten doesn't get the message after four or five tries, the owner can pick her up when she's being playful and bring her outside the bedroom, shutting the door. Make sure there's a warm sleeping area for her outside the room, though. The owner can then try again the next night to see if the kitten understood that the nighttime playfulness is what had her expelled from the room.