How to Train a Puppy to Pee Outside

It’s essential that you train a puppy as soon as you bring one home with you as a puppy that soils your house can be difficult to live with. If you are diligent and prepared to devote time, puppy training isn't a very difficult task. A new puppy will be nervous at being in a new house with strange people and away from his mother.

He will want to do a lot of exploring and since he has little control over his bladder, he might pee all over your house. You have to train him by taking him outside at the right time to prevent accidents from happening inside the house. To do so, it’s essential to know when your pet is most likely to pee.

When to Take Your Puppy Outside:

  • When he’s just woken up
  • Before he goes to sleep
  • When he’s eaten or drunk something
  • When he’s been playing for some time
  • A few hours after the last time he emptied his bladder

Some Signs that Can Help You

If you are observant, you will learn to recognize some behavioral patterns that indicate your pet’s need to pee. He might start sniffing around, circling, whimpering or might leave the place where he has been sleeping or playing. He might also sit down and stand up suddenly. Once you recognize the signs, you should be prompt in taking him outside, in order to prevent an accident on the way out.

Reward Rather than Punish

It’s important that you praise your pet when he pees outside to let him know that such behavior is acceptable behavior. You can even give him a treat for doing so. When he starts peeing you should call him by his name and tell him that he is a good boy in a happy tone. He will learn to associate the words with the action and will pee when you use these words after a few days.

At the same time, you should let him know that you aren’t happy if he pees in the house. You should never scold or beat him but you can take him to the puddle of urine and speak to him in a stern voice. He will soon learn that going outside to pee is more rewarding and let you know that he would like to be taken outside.


You should be consistent and take him out as if you don’t do so, then the training will take much longer. You should also take him to the same place every time for him to associate the passing of urine with that particular the place. Good behavior should always be praised. Your pet likes you fussing over him and it makes it easier for him to do what you want. Take care that your pet isn’t distracted and forgets the purpose for which he has been taken outside. Only after he has finished the business at hand, should you allow him to go roaming around.

Even if you are very careful and meticulous, there will always be the occasional accident. This should be consistently dealt with to underline the fact that it’s unacceptable behavior. It’s best to start training your puppy while he is still young so that he learns good behavior before he picks up bad habits that can be difficult to unlearn.