Hydroxyzine Pamoate Side Effects in Dogs

Hydroxyzine pamoate is a medication that has antihistamine properties. It effectively treats the symptoms of allergic reactions in pets. It contains the active ingredient hydroxyzine pamoate and several inactive ingredients like lactose monohydrate, sodium starch glycolate and titanium dioxide. Even though the drug is prescribed to treat allergic reactions, it also has sedative and calming properties. This makes it a good tranquilizer but since it’s a prescription medication, you should administer the drug with caution.

How Hydroxyzine Pamoate Works

Dogs suffering from allergic reactions generally suffer from the ill effects of histamine in the body. Hydroxyzine pamoate reduces the effect of histamine and reduces symptoms like itching, hives and rash. The medication works as a tranquilizer because it reduces central nervous system activity.

This medication shouldn’t be combined with other drugs as it can cause certain side effects. The drug is not formulated for use in dogs, but it does work effectively on pets and is widely prescribed by vets. You must therefore follow the dosage and administration instructions that are given to you by the vet in order to safeguard your dog’s life.

Dosage and Administration of Hydroxyzine Pamoate

The medication is available in two potencies, namely 25 mg capsules and 50 mg capsules. As a general guideline you must give your dog 1 mg of the medication per pound of body weight every 6 hours. The dosage for cats is different from that for dogs. You should make sure you dose the pet accordingly so that he doesn’t get accidentally overdosed.

If you’re unsure about the dosage, discuss the same with the vet. Hydroxyzine Pamoate is also known to cause side effects. If these symptoms persist, you must take your dog for a prompt vet check.

Side Effects of Hydroxyzine Pamoate Include:

  • Sedation
  • Vomiting
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Problems with the vision 
  • Pet shows signs of confusion

Severe Side Effects

Even though Hydroxyzine Pamoate is an anti allergy medication, your dog may suffer from an allergic reaction to the drug itself. Such pets will show signs of difficulty breathing, swelling of the facial muscles and, swelling of the lips and tongue. If these symptoms develop, you must call for emergency medical care.

Since the drug also causes certain side effects when administered in combination with other medicines, you must keep the vet informed about other drugs you’re giving your dog.

Possible Drug Interactions

You should avoid giving your pet any medications that contain meperidine, fluoxetine and chlorpheniramine. Drugs like amitriptyline and acepromazine can also cause drug interactions with hydroxyzine pamoate so you must avoid administering these to your pet.

If your dog suffers from frequent allergic reactions you must find out the cause of these reactions and look for ways to prevent your pet from coming in contact with known allergens. Make sure you keep your home clean and give your pet a nutritious diet that boosts his immune system.