Imodium for Dogs

Imodium for dogs is not currently approved by the FDA for veterinary use. It is sometimes recommended, however, as an off-label drug used to treat diarrhea. The generic name for this drug is loperamide and it is sold under the brand names of Imodium, Imodium AD, Pepto Diarrhea Control and Kaopectate II Caplets. It is available over the counter and is considered safe for use in dogs, according to proper dosage.

How Imodium for Dogs Works

Imodium for dogs works by decreasing the movement speed by which food travels through the intestinal system. It also reduces secretions that are caused by toxins that cause diarrhea. Imodium is sometimes recommended for dogs with diarrhea caused by inflammatory bowel disease or as an acute case caused by ingestion of disagreeable food or other substances.

When to Use Imodium for Dogs

Since Imodium for dogs causes food and other substances to move more slowly through the digestive system, you'll want to be careful about which situations you choose for its use. Diarrhea can be caused by a number of factors, including serious infection, bacteria or disease. If a severe bacteria or poisonous toxin is present and causing diarrhea, you'll want to avoid using a drug which slows digestion.

Typically, if diarrhea is present without other side effects, such as:

Imodium may be a beneficial choice. If diarrhea is accompanied by any of these side effects or the dog appears to be generally ill in any other way, discontinue the use of Imodium and research alternative treatment possibilities.

Side Effects of Imodium for Dogs

Properly dosed, Imodium for dogs is generally safe and leads to few or no side effects. Occasionally, a dog may experience constipation, especially if used when vomiting is also present. Imodium may also lead to bloating or lethargic response.

Rare side effects of this drug include pancreatitis, negative effects on the central nervous system, or loss of proper intestinal functioning. This drug should not be used with dogs who are allergic to any of its ingredients, and if allergic reaction does occur, immediately discontinue its use.

Other Considerations

When using Imodium for dogs, there are other considerations to be aware of. If underlying conditions are present, such as kidney disease, intestinal obstruction, urinary obstruction, liver disease, glaucoma or problems with the thyroid, an alternative diarrhea treatment should be used.

If abdominal pain or trauma is present, refrain from use until further notice. Abdominal pain and trauma can mask underlying conditions which can be treated more effectively in other ways. If a toxin has been ingested, refrain from use until the poisonous substance has cleared the body, and do not use this product for female dogs who are pregnant or nursing.

Imodium can form a negative reaction with other types of medication. If you dog is currently taking another prescription or over-the-counter drug, be sure there is no potential for adverse reaction before using.