Interceptor Heartworm Preventative Treatment for Dogs

Interceptor heartworm medication helps fight more than heartworm. The prescription heartworm tablets also help protect against hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. In addition to offering protection against the parasitic worms, Interceptor kills current roundworm and whipworm infections.

White Interceptor is designed to fight parasitic worms, studies find it is equally effective at treating demodectic mange. If your dog has mange, your veterinarian may suggest using this prescription medication to kill the infection.

Understanding the Dangers of Parasitic Worms

Many people know that heartworms are extremely dangerous to a dog. However, thousands of dogs are at risk because their pet owners find heartworm medications to be too expensive or they don't feel their dog is at risk. Alaska is the only state that does not have any reported cases of heartworm. If your dog is bit by a mosquito that has bitten another animal that has heartworms, your dog is at risk. You have no way of knowing if a mosquito has bitten an infected fox, wolf or even sea lion.

Hookworms, roundworms and whipworms may not seem dangerous. However, if too many fill up the intestines, anemia, dehydration and intestinal blockages are serious health risks. The risk of anemia and dehydration is especially high in puppies and elderly pets. Ensuring they are free of parasitic worms is extremely important to their health.

How Interceptor Heartworm Medication Works

Interceptor's main ingredient is milbemycin oxime. Milbemycin oxime affects a parasite's nerve transmissions in both larva and adults leading to improper organ function and death.

Dosing for Interceptor Heartworm Tablets

Interceptor Flavor Tabs come in four tablet sizes that are given orally once a month. The prescription medication is beef-flavored so your dog will happily chew his medication.

  • Brown (2.3 milligrams) for dogs 2 to 10 pounds

  • Green (5.75 milligrams) for dogs 11 to 25 pounds

  • Yellow (11.5 milligrams) for dogs 26 to 50 pounds

  • White (23 milligrams) for dogs 51 to 100 pounds

If your dog weighs more than 100 pounds, you must combine sizes to come up with the correct dosage. For example, if your dog weighs 127 pounds, you would give him a white and a yellow tablet.

Safety of Interceptor

Interceptor heartworm tablets are safe for puppies older than four weeks. Studies find it is safe for all dog breeds, including Collies, and for pregnant or nursing dogs. To test the safety of this medication, pregnant dogs were given three times the normal dosage. Puppies showed no ill effects even with this increased dosage. Healthy dogs were given dosages up to 25 times the normal dosage and they also showed no ill effects.

If your dog is using another heartworm medication, do not use Interceptor too. This could lead to overdose. Instead, wait until a full month passes from the last heartworm dosage and then start using Interceptor tablets.

In the rare case of a reaction to the medication in Interceptor heartworm tablets, the symptoms were:

  • Convulsions

  • Depression

  • Diarrhea

  • Excessive drool

  • Lack of appetite

  • Lethargy

  • Problems with coordination

  • Vomiting

It is incredibly important to have your dog or puppy tested for heartworm before using Interceptor. There is a higher risk for side effects, particularly seizure-like symptoms, if a dog has an active heartworm infection.