Introducing a New Kitten to Your Pets

Introducing a new kitten to your established pets takes time, but usually it goes better than you'd imagine. An old cat or dog will accept a kitten as a new family member if you let them do it at their pace.

Bringing the New Kitten Home

When you bring your new kitten home, keep him in the cat carrier. Allow your pets to sniff the carrier first before bringing the kitten out.

Often, older cats will hiss and then run away after introducing a new kitten. Do not force them to stay, it is critical to let them adjust to the newcomer at their pace. Hissing at strange animals is typical cat behavior, so never punish them for it.

Only say no to signs of aggression like clawing or biting. Even then, make sure the aggressive act is not meant to be playful. Cats do play rough; pawing and tackling are key signs of play.

Separating Pets While You're Away

When you go out to run errands or go to work, keep the kitten in a different room. Let your established pets have run of the house. This reassures them that they are still in control.

Make sure you are giving all pets equal attention. Do not dote solely on the new kitten or jealously will occur.